Andrey Kirilenko (photo: M. Serbin,

Our team literally did not notice the VTB League outsider which visited Moscow. Nymburk did not manage to even hint on resistance…

Mar 30
(photo: M. Serbin,

Next Euroleague One Team clinic was conducted by CSKA Junior team coach Alexey Zhukov and his players Alexander Khomenko and Alexander Kuznetsov…

Mar 21
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Euroleague. Nizhny Novgorod vs CSKA… fans' game!
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Nando De Colo (photo: M. Serbin,
Alexander  Kaun (photo: T. Makeeva,
Kyle Hines (photo: T. Makeeva,
Manuchar Markoishvili (photo: T. Makeeva,
Demetris Nichols (photo: T. Makeeva,
Andrey Vorontsevich (photo: M. Serbin,
Vitaly Fridzon (photo: M. Serbin,
Victor Khryapa (photo: M. Serbin,
Pàvel Korobkov (photo: T. Makeeva,
Dimitris 	Itoudis (photo: M. Serbin,
CSKA dance team (photo: T. Makeeva,
CSKA fans (photo: M. Serbin,
(photo: T. Makeeva,
Vitaly Fridzon (photo: T. Makeeva,
Kyle Hines (photo: M. Serbin,
Alexander  Kaun (photo: M. Serbin,
Andrey Kirilenko (photo: M. Serbin,
(photo: M. Serbin,
Victor Khryapa (photo: T. Makeeva,
Margarita Sharova (photo: M. Serbin,
Alexander  Kaun (photo: M. Serbin,
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