Club News

December 2006
The last game of 2006 won!

It was very hard for CSKA to survive against the fans pressure at Thessalonica. The team struggled hard in the first two quarters but could do nothing with the rival because of poor field goals percentage. Only the defense help the Army club to become the winner in the match.

Standart - CSKA: 61-105

CSKA won another game in Russian Superleague. This time Ettore Messina squad played at the home court of Women CSKA: MTL Arena. The game gave the coaches the chance to give more minutes on the court than usual to the young players of the team. All the second quarter the five players on the court were: Papaloukas, Ponkrashov, Pashutin, Kurbanov and Kashirov. In the final minutes played almost the same line up with some small changes.

Surprising Napoli

CSKA won the game against the outstanding rival. No other guest team ever tried to reach USH CSKA by underground, no other team gave the Ettore Messina squad the 17-0 odd in the first quarter. The final result is 82-72...

CSKA won the unofficial ULEB Supercup

The 2006 Euroleague champion CSKA won the game against the 2006 ULEB Cup holder Dynamo: 75-56. The hosts started the match with upsetting 0-5 but later managed to take control on the game and were ahead by 18 points by the end of the first half...

CSKA won in Istanbul

The game in Istanbul came hard for CSKA. The team lost the first two quarters by 6 points thanks to poor field goals percentage (33) but after the half time break Ettore Messina squad build an excellent defense that allow the hosts to score just 20 points in 18 minutes. The final result is 74-64 in CSKA favor.

The first loss in the Superleague

CSKA lost the first position in the table of Russian superleague. The loss to UNICS 83-101 put the Army club on the second position.