Reds vs Blues. Watch online!

The fans got the chance to watch the closed Army Men scrimmage in the game mode. Saturday, March 21, 12:30 Moscow time!

The main team with the addition of the second team players will be split into two. Andreas Pistiolis and Anton Yudin will coach Reds and Blues.

Reds: Howard Sant-Roos, Janis Strelnieks, Nikita Kurbanov, Mike James, Ron Baker, Joel Bolomboy, Kosta Koufos, Daniil Kochergin, Alexander Shashkov. Head coach – Anton Yudin, coaches – Darryl Middleton, Pavel Gerasimov.

Blues: Daniel Hackett, Darrun Hilliard, Ivan Ukhov, Mikhail Kulagin, Andrey Lopatin, Alexander Khomenko, Semen Antonov, Johannes Voigtmann, Kyle Hines. Head coach – Andreas Pistiolis, coaches – Denis Godlevskiy, Kostas Chatzichristos.

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Watch The Team!

CSKA practice scrimmage. CSKA Blue vs. CSKA Red. LIVE

Author: CSKAbasket.TV

Duration: 20:00