Practice at USH CSKA before departure

Ettore Messina (photo
Today CSKA went to the last game of the Euroleague TOP16 in Vitoria. Traditionally the team had a practice at USH CSKA before departure but this time it started rather early – at 12:00. The reason is 4-hours flight to Spain.

There are 12 players at CSKA roster. They are forwards David Vanterpool, Sergey Panov, Nikita Kurbanov, Matjaz Smodis, Vladimir Dyachok, centers Alexey Savrasenko, Tomas Van Den Spiegel, guards J.R. Holden, Theodoros Papaloukas, Zakhar Pashutin, Vasily Zavoruev, Trajan Langdon.

The result of the last game of the Top16 would not make any changes in the standing. CSKA already claimed the first position, TAU is second. But nevertheless the game would be broadcasted live by the Sport channel. The games of the G Group that would determine CSKA rival in the play offs would start at the same time with the match in Vitoria – 20:45 CET.

Sergey Panov (photo
Trajan Langdon (photo
Matjaz Smodis (photo
Alexander Zykov - team doctor (photo
Vasiliy Zavoruev (photo
Trajan Langdon (photo
Jon Robert Holden (photo
Zakhar Pashutin and Theodoros Papaloukas (photo
David Vanterpool (photo
Theodoros Papaloukas (photo
Ettore Messina (photo
Anatoliy Kashirov (photo