Napoli - CSKA: 64-74

Trajan Langdon (photo M. Serbin) (photo
CSKA started the Euroleague season in Naples. The game became the true celebration for the local fans. They filled the 5.100 seats arena and made their best to help their squad.

ELDO Napoli - CSKA: 64-74

CSKA was ahead from the very start and managed to get 10+ points lead in the second quarter. The Italian side players were limited by the Army club defense and missed 2-9 run in the start of the second quarter. But the answer came in the second half. Both teams ought to play aggressive, athletic defense. But any way CSKA managed to survive.

Ettore Messina, CSKA head coach:

- It was a solid win against a very tough rival. I decided to use minimum of the players because the gap always was something like 7-10 points and it was hard for the bench players to enter the game. In the second half we were a bit down because of our physical conditions. I expect that we played too many games in past several weeks but we would get better soon, we just need several days of practicing.
Another pressure tonight was the atmosphere in the hall. The fans did a great job and I am happy we won the game. I think the pressure would become the factor in the upcoming games in Naples but also the talent of their team would mean a lot.
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