CSKA outscored Triumph

Zakhar Pashutin (photo M. Serbin)
CSKA, Triumph and Khimki were the 3 teams without losses before the game. Triumph tried to do the best not to come down, but CSKA put maximum efforts to control the game and won 93-74.

CSKA vs. Triumph: 93-74

Ettore Messina, CSKA head coach:

- Triumph is a very aggressive team which is ready for a challenge. They showed it in the games against UNICS and Dynamo. All our players understood well that the question is not only the result of the game, but future is also the matter. We are not stable: we still have ups and downs but we managed to control the game for all 40 minutes.
David Andersen (photo M. Serbin)
Zakhar Pashutin (photo M. Serbin)
Ramunas Siskauskas (photo T. Makeeva)
Trajan Langdon (photo Y. Kuzmin)
Matjaz Smodis (photo T. Makeeva)
Jon Robert Holden (photo M. Serbin)
Alexey Savrasenko (photo T. Makeeva)
Theodoros Papaloukas (photo M. Serbin)
Andrey Vorontsevich (photo Y. Kuzmin)
Ettore Messina (photo M. Serbin)
Irina Zvereva (photo Y. Kuzmin)
CSKA fans (photo M. Serbin)
Jon Robert Holden (photo Y. Kuzmin)
Alexey Shved (photo M. Serbin)
Ramunas Siskauskas (photo M. Serbin)
Valeria Mileshkina (photo M. Serbin, cskabasket.com)
Matjaz Smodis (photo T. Makeeva)
Olga Kurchevskaya (photo M. Serbin, cskabasket.com)
Evgenia Provodina (photo M. Serbin, cskabasket.com)
Eugenia Telysheva (photo M. Serbin, cskabasket.com)