CSKA won against Zalgiris

Jon Robert Holden (photo Y. Kuzmin)
CSKA once again showed their effort to win in the end of the game. The teams came up to the last minute with miserable gap: 76-70. But Zalgiris did not manage to score.

CSKA vs. Zalgiris: 78-70

Ettore Messina, CSKA head coach:

- It was a great honor for all of our team to be at the celebration of CSKA legends. We started the game well: both in the offense and in the defense. But we had ups and downs that did not give us the chance to get better advantage. We tried to use our advantage under the rim but we made important turnovers in the end of the 2nd quarter and in the end of the 3rd-start of the 4th.

Ramunas Siskauskas became the game best scorer (photo M. Serbin)
Alexey Savrasenko (photo M. Serbin)
David Andersen (photo M. Serbin)
Jon Robert Holden (photo Y. Kuzmin)
Theodoros Papaloukas (photo T. Makeeva)
Marcus Goree (photo M. Serbin)
Nikos Zisis (photo T. Makeeva)
Trajan Langdon (photo M. Serbin)
Andrey Vorontsevich (photo M. Serbin)
Ettore Messina (photo M. Serbin)
 (photo M. Serbin)
Irina Kaganer (photo T. Malahov)
 (photo M. Serbin)
Ramunas Siskauskas (photo Y. Kuzmin)
Alexey Savrasenko (photo cskabasket.com)
Nikos Zisis (photo Y. Kuzmin)
David Andersen (photo cskabasket.com)
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