Focus on Kryapa

Viktor Khryapa (photo Y. Kuzmin,
CSKA overscored Sibirtelecom 130-61. Seven players out of 10 of the Army club roster scored 10 and more points.

CSKA vs. Sibirtelecom: 130-61

Ettore Messina, CSKA head coach:

- It was not a very difficult game. All the players tryed to help Victor Khryapa get inside our system. All the rest I think enjoyed some good basketball on Saturday afternoon.
Zakhar Pashutin became the game best scorer (photo M. Serbin,
Nikos Zisis (photo Y. Kuzmin,
David Andersen (photo Y. Kuzmin,
Viktor Khryapa (photo M. Serbin,
Marcus Goree  (photo N. Malakhov,
Theodoros Papaloukas (photo M. Serbin,
Ramunas Siskauskas (photo Y. Kuzmin,
Anatoliy Kashirov (photo M. Serbin,
Alexey Shved (photo Y. Kuzmin,
Jon Robert Holden (photo Y. Kuzmin,
Ettore Messina (photo M. Serbin,
Nastasia Zaiditinova and CSKA dance team (photo M. Serbin,
Viktor Khryapa (photo Y. Kuzmin,
Alexey Shved (photo M. Serbin,
Irina Kaganer and CSKA dance team (photo M. Serbin,
Marcus Goree (photo Y. Kuzmin,
Tomas Van Den Spiegel, Matjaz Smodis and Trajan Langdon (photo M. Serbin,
Viktor Khryapa (photo M. Serbin,