CSKA Won Moscow Derby

Turkcan vs Ekonomou (photo G.Philippov)
CSKA defeated Dyanmo Moscow in the third round of the regular season in Superleague. Now the head coach of Dyanmo is Valdemaras Chomicius who was Sergey Belov`s helper in Ural-Great Perm. The game was difficult, and the final score is showing it: CSKA won 92-88. The record of the Army team improves to 3-0 in the domestic league.

CSKA vs Dynamo Moscow: 92-88

The start roster of CSKA didn`t changed. Marcus Brown started the game very well, he was good at the any position. In Dynamo ex-guard of CSKA Nikolay Padius was very good in the first minutes. He came to Dynamo not long time ago, but in this game Chomicius put him to the start squad. In the first quarter Nikolay managed 9 points.

Then Mirsad Turkcan, J.R. Holden and Sergey Monya managed the score to 32-25 after the second quarter. At this moment Teodoros Papaloukas played like a capitan, he was good both in the defense and in the rebounds. Under the basket Alexey Savrasenko showed good play. Jefferson from Dynamo didn`t feel game, and Chomicius substituted him.

After the big rest the situation has changed. May be the Army team was shure in the win, may be Chomicius sayd somethink to his team, who knows. But our opponents won this quarter 25-13. The best player in the second half of the game was Nikolas Ikonomu, who became the best sniper of the game (29 points). The score was 86-84 till the minute to the final buzzer. But in the last 60 seconds the Army team was better and they won 92-88.

Nikolay Padius
Marcus Brown (photo G.Philippov)
Theodoros Papaloukas (photo G.Philippov)
CSKA Cheerleaders (photo G.Philippov)
Dynamo coaches (photo G.Philippov)
Mirsad Turkcan (photo M.Serbin)
J.R.Holden (photo G.Philippov)
Domani vs Savrasenko (photo G.Philippov)
Kornev vs Tarlac (photo G.Philippov)
Marcus Brown (photo G.Philippov)
Turkcan vs Ekonomou (photo G.Philippov)