On the road again

Jonas Kazlauskas (photo M. Serbin, cskabasket.com)
For more than a month our team did not have long travels, limiting itself by bus trips to the neighbors. Army men took the plane today to visit Samara where the second game of best-of-three Russian League quarterfinal series will take place.

The previous long travel for CSKA was the one to Kazan for the VTB United League Final Four (April 22-23). Previous BEKO PBL game far away from Moscow was the visit to Nizhny Novgorod on April 13.

13 players boarded Transaero plane. Only Nikita Kurbanov (tendinitis in quadriceps muscle of the left thigh) stayed in Moscow to practice individually. Jamont Gordon (fracture of the anterior wall of the left frontal sinus) is ready to return to action as he is already practices with the team.

“There is no need to say how important the next game is”, - CSKA head coach Jonas Kazlauskas said. “We have to learn from our mistakes. One foul in first 14 minutes of Game 1 tells a lot about our focus and level of aggressiveness. We weren’t able to start successfully because of our bad defense.”
Matjaz Smodis and Andrey Vorontsevich (photo M. Serbin, cskabasket.com)
Artyom Zabelin (photo M. Serbin, cskabasket.com)
Jamont Gordon (photo M. Serbin, cskabasket.com)
Trajan Langdon and Jon Robert Holden (photo M. Serbin, cskabasket.com)
CSKA (photo M. Serbin, cskabasket.com)
Aleksey Shved (photo M. Serbin, cskabasket.com)