Something to lose, something to find

Matjaz Smodis (photo T. Makeeva,
Siskauskas injury and Khryapas tiredness did not make the fans sad in Game 2 of Russian playoffs semifinal series. CSKA was not that spectacular but controlled the game and took both at home.

CSKA vs. Lokomotiv Kuban: 82-75 (+7)

Jonas Kazlauskas, CSKA head coach:
Though the game was not that spectacular, I am happy to win. It is difficult to play back-to-back games, especially for veteran players, especially mentally after Siskauskas injury. Thus I am twice as happy because our bench players provided good help. They showed that we are a team. I think you should not expect spectacular games in play-offs. Look at the game in Kazan one of the teams scored just two points in a quarter. Its a fight. We lost the rebounding battle by 10 thats too much. We will analyze, try to resolve the problems. I think we defended pretty well against opponents set offense, but we allowed a number of easy shots after offensive rebounds and turnovers. The opponents scored 24 points after similar situations in Game 1. I think we allowed even more tonight.

Aleksandr Kaun (photo M. Serbin,
Matjaz Smodis (photo T. Makeeva,
Sani Becirovic (photo S. Mukhtarulin,
Jon Robert Holden (photo M. Serbin,
Aleksey Shved (photo T. Makeeva,
Andrey Vorontsevich (photo S. Mukhtarulin,
Trajan Langdon (photo M. Serbin,
Jamont Gordon (photo T. Makeeva,
Viktor Khryapa (photo T. Makeeva,
Jonas Kazlauskas (photo M. Serbin,
CSKA dance team (photo M. Serbin,
Aleksandr Kaun (photo M. Serbin,
Matjaz Smodis (photo S. Mukhtarulin,
Sani Becirovic (photo M. Serbin,
Jon Robert Holden (photo M. Serbin,
Aleksandr Kaun blocks the shot (photo M. Serbin,
Andrey Vorontsevich (photo T. Makeeva,
Aleksey Shved (photo M. Serbin,
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1/2 final (2). CSKA vs. Lokomotiv Kuban: Highlights