Courtside Seats

Season 2020-21

Courtside Seat Holders – General Code of Conduct

  1. Sit only in your ticket seat(s) and display your tickets when requested. If there are the objective reasons (the need for extra works, the threat of an emergency, a threat to life and health of citizens, etc.), the Club, at its discretion, has the right to move any fan to another seat. In case of refusal to move, security of the arena has the right to remove such fan from the sector/arena without providing any monetary or other compensation.
  2. Remain seated while the game is in progress. Should you need to leave your seat during the game, please exit only during a timeout.
  3. Limit your standing up from the seats to a minimum and do not stand up during game-play.
  4. Do not take any flash photography
  5. Do not interfere with the progress of the game or exhibit any disruptive behavior.
  6. Do not enter the court or throw objects onto the court or anywhere in the arena.
  7. Do not bring large items such as signs, cardboard panels, flags, “selfie-sticks”, etc. to the courtside seats. The arena security reserves the right to take away such items if they deem them dangerous or disruptive to the players, coaches, referees, table officials, media members and TV coverage of the game.
  8. Demonstrate respect for the game officials, players, coaches, staff members, and fellow fans.
  9. Do not interact with players, coaches, staff members and table officials in any manner, physical or verbal.
  10. The use of improper language or gestures directed at players, coaches, referees, table officials and other fans will be grounds for the removal and/or fine.
  11. Do not display signs or wear clothing with obscene or indecent messages.
  12. Do not gesture obscene and indecent signs at the TV cameras.
  13. Do not interfere with any TV cameras and TV or media coverage that may be around you and the court.
  14. Security reserves the right to escort fans who do not follow these rules away from court seat sector or remove them from the arena entirely.
  15. In cases of violation by the fan of these rules, as well as the committing by the fan any other illegal actions, and subsequent compensation by the Club to the other persons the harm caused by this fan, or imposing sanctions to the Club by a judge, body or officials, authorized to hear cases on administrative delinquencies, or jurisdictional bodies of the RBF/VTB league/Euroleague, the Club has the right to demand (regress) to the fan, who committed the above mentioned actions, in the amount of the amounts paid or payable by the Club.
  16. The Club reserves the right to refuse access/sale of tickets/season ticket to any fan who previously violated these rules.